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Diablo 3 Monk Hit A3 Boss Raiders

Diablo 3 bosses are a lot of players are prohibitive, due to ignorance of the characteristics and skills of each boss. Today I want to give bring A3 monks hit the Raiders of all the bosses, and hope for the players to bring the Gospel.
1. Gangmu
A lot of players feel that this is the most difficult boss, it is difficult to escape because he smog. To play Gangmu must Adopt a ponley boxing strengthen hit back, then spend three defensive skills all, and then winds evil to increase the output, do not let it disappear, passive skills to reduce the delay Yita light. Gangmu poison you ran out on the clockwise or counterclockwise, do not let the boys go long, come on the attack. His secondary poisoning when you mirror sealing skills continue to be output, almost ran, not to DOT. He threw mobs over hit, you can return the blood back to the fine. If Gangmu sustained and continue to poison, you save on the run, you can hide to hide. We must ensure that the less DOT, but also much more output.
2. Se Diya
To fight this boss is also use ponley boxing to strengthen strike back, but also bring the breeze evil. The output of a will she would escape, and then put in place two small spider poison ring, simply mirror sealing and dazzling SG shore, to keep the output can be cleared away small spiders. If it is barely holding on to pick one of the twelve to play, be careful not to Se Diya's white mucus to get the lead to deceleration. The best most of the spiders are cleared away, and then continue to fight the boss.
3 Ards Modan
The boss of ordinary attack and drop dead body, virtually no difficulty, is the ball of light damage will be relatively high. See the light ball and ran with this principle must remember, if you really want to play mirror sealing carrying. In addition to this ball of light, Ards Modan will no threat to you, so skills can bias the output. Summoned towers on the map to speed clean-up, mobs to kill forth blood back fine. Ground black liquid when you go out into the edge of the run, this Bi Gangmu smog is much simpler. With this boss battle, be patient.
Mastered the Raiders, playing A3 boss no difficulty. Of course, I did not mention the equipment, but does not mean that does not require, each player will need certain equipment to complete the task, that is gold. I can recommend the one I personally like the website Diablo 3 Skills which sells D3 gold. Price and service are good, the key is trusted, so when I need the Diablo 3 gold ,I often go to the site to buy.

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Diablo 3 Monk Skills With Recommendations

Mix of skills related to the players can quickly complete the game task. Diablo 3, I play career monks, summed up the experience with some skills in the process of leveling, today said that out of your information.
In the mix of skills, most standards are, no matter what blame should dazzling SG back to the weather tactics (endless Rune), mirror sealing (quiet repose Rune) to bring to be one of the main skills and truth, then choose a secondary skill. As for the passive skills Zhang Heaven , no matter what time had. On the basis of these principles, the key skills to fight the mobs on the choice of the one hundred strong fist the Rune treatment mantra, coupled with a broken Admiralty skill. The passive skills coupled with a hole in the candle machine and resonance carol. If the game is found in the hold could not strange, you can make some small adjustments: change the treatment of truth to evade the truth to increase the defense capability; key skills to strike back to relatively fast ponley of boxing; passive skill Yita light to shorten the skills delay.
This is the monks in the recommendations on the mix of skills, we cannot copy, but can be used to refer to. I believe after you read will be harvested. Speaking skills Finally, I might as well talk about the matter of weapons and equipment, light is not enough to have a good skill to have powerful weapons and equipment, so as to overcome the Weirdo. This is also called to take some gold, I can tell a website called Diablo 3 Gold Skills, I have no intention of a good website and discovered that the price is very cheap, more important is to sell Diablo3 gold is safe, we may as well take a look.


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